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Reality border new virtual reality and AI-Enhanced Metaverse Technologies for your business

Designed for corporations, provides AI-Enhanced Metaverse services to your clients, creating new business models, and engaging your customers.

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About us

On March 21, 2023, iQSTEL Inc. (OTC-QX:IQST) announced entering into a Joint Venture (JV) with GOTMY to accelerate the launch of a turnkey, white label metaverse solution under the Brand: Reality Border LLC.

Jose E. Puente, CEO of GOTMY, “We are eager to initiate this joint venture with iQSTEL, introducing  our technology to the telecommunications market. We firmly believe that our white label metaverse solution will provide exceptional and engaging experiences for our customers, while ensuring that these experiences are accessible to a broader audience”.


Our objective is to improve how our customers get the content, offering a full immersive platform, that enrich the sales and the customer service of our customers, with a collective experience.

The Reality Border white label metaverse solutions will be available through app, web browser, and VR headsets/smart glasses.

  • Events
  • Workplace
  • Training
  • TV & Media

Reality Border is powered by


Revolutionizing how companies conduct events

Our virtual spaces aren’t just immersive; they’re expansive.

This allows for hosting large-scale conferences, interactive meetings, and engaging exhibitions in a vibrant digital milieu. This transformation extends beyond the physical constraints, offering a new dimension to corporate events.

Our open opportunities:

  • Collaborating with a prominent financial institution to pioneer immersive e-commerce
  • Picture 3D virtual events where influencers and their fans come together in a dynamic, interactive environment
  • Similarly, a major retail corporation is exploring the potential of there virtual spaces for product launches and brand engagement, redefining the retail experience


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Reshaping the future of work

Our virtual workspeces are designed to bolster collaboration, streamline communication, and enhance productivity. By redefining the workplace concept, we’re enabling organizactions to thrive in the digital era, transcending geographical boundaries.


A major pharmaceutical company is experimenting with our platform to transform their internal team meetings. They’re leveraging our immersive environments to facilitate more engaging, effective, and collaborative sessions, moving away from traditional meeting formats.


Revolutionizing  training and educational experiences by leveraging the power of immersive technology for interactive learning and skill development.


Another leading pharma company is planning a complete overhaul of their virtual onboarding and product training for their sales team. This involves a multi-country rollout, introducing an engaging, interactive training environment that transcends the conventional e-learning models.



At the forefront of entertainment innovation we’re introducing groundbreaking, interactive viewing experiences

These experiences surpass the limitations of traditions broadcasting, offering a more engaging and interactive platform for audiences.

Our open opportunities:

A TV content owner is exploring a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) subscription model with us. They’re interested in leveraging our immersive platform to transform how viewers interact with their content, offering a unique, personalized viewing experience that goes beyond the screen.

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